Terrorist Attack at Westgate Mall – A Security System Lapse

Laxity of the security organ?

The terrorism attack carried out at the Westgate Mall on September 21st, 2013 is a pointer to  laxity in the security system.

The attackers of the Westgate Mall in the city of Nairobi managed to get into the country, made their way to the Mall, Killed more than 60 people and injuring about 170 others. They caused untold damage counting to billions of Kenya shillings.

These murderers easily gained access to the sprawling Mall carrying their lethal weapons with them, completely undetected. Thanks to the security clearance system at the Mall entrance.

It appears that none of the security men at the entrance paid any attention to any unusual behavior among the shoppers when entering – lesson number one is to train to train them to be extra vigilant.

Security at country borders

What about the security clearance system at the country borders – which seems to be tragically broken?  A crack which may allow many unwanted folks slipping through.

These attackers are not just threatening our national security, but our personal security as well – one can tell this by the number of innocent citizens who left their home on that tragic morning to go shopping but never to return home again.

Security problem

It appears that the whole security system is in shambles – do our security people gather enough intelligence and classify more information in the name of protecting its citizens? Is there much followup after such incidences?  Can the security men/women asses and act on behavioral signs of an insider threat?

Are our borders or entry points too porous . Do we need to do more , especially when it comes to detecting in-house threats? Is there a well integrated means to gather, evaluate and disseminate the wide range of behavioral indicators that could signal an insider threat?

What do you think?

English: Nakumatt Westgate in Westlands, Nairobi
English: Nakumatt Westgate in Westlands, Nairobi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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