The Psychology of Intimidation


Perfection and apathy both can be caused by fear, feelings of shame and control. We live in an imperfect world and most people, I would suggest, are affected by this to some extent. We are however meant to live in freedom and grace

In this article I try to indicate some traps that affect us as humans.


At some points in their lives, nearly everyone experiences being bullied; by brothers, sisters, neighbours, adults and school mates. Some are easily intimidated and can show up in your body language. Many people dismis it as a normal part of one’s development, but it isn’t. It could work against you.

Bullying can devastate your life. In some extreme it can even lead to self harming, suicide or murder.

The secret is to control your reactions so that the fact that you have been taken aback or overhelmed does not show.

There are several case histories of people whose lives were on the brink of ruin but who fought back against all odds to beat their bullies.
For some the bullying went on for years, and for others less frequently. In each case, the bullying took a different form, from gang bullying, verbal bullying, or even the latest form; cyber and text bullying.

The only thing these people have in common is the determination and and courage to stand up to their tormentors.

Cultivating the inner peace

Keep your cool all times. The way the inner peace is illuminated to tending one’s inner landscape. The lives of outstanding figures such as the Bhuddah, Walt Whitman and Gandhi are used to connect the ideal of inner peace with how real people cultivate peace with their everyday lives. Peacefulness as dynamic, selective and egoless is shown through the constructive act of choosing different ways of life, such as having a smaller family or a more modern career.

Deliberate intimidation tactics

You should be aware that there are intimidations that are deliberate. Some people who are well versed in human nature such as lawyers, doctors and insurance salesmen often employ subtle intimidation techniques aimed to subdue.

For example, one method of intimidation used in large offices is to have huge polished desk and a leather chair with high back. The moment a person enters such an office and is shown to a lower placed seat, the person in the high chair is instantly elevated to the position of power and authority as compared to the one on the visitor’s chair. This deliberately makes you less likely to oppose or question anything you are told. An unsmiling face with constant gaze is part of the ploy.

Sales intimidation

Likewise, in a bid to make people pay huge sums of money, certain institutions or even individuals employ what is known as sales intimidation. It starts with the building or gate entrance which is often large and grand with a huge door that diminishes you as you humbly enter the building. The reception is always well lit and immaculate. The entire setup is formal and scary to the point that a person ends up speaking very politely as they ask for services. This is very common in hotels, insurance companies and even schools.

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