2010 World Cup Performance – Italian team

The post is about the shameful exit of the Italian national soccer team from the 2010 World Cup.

From the World Cup champs to the laughing stock of the world.

It’s all “tears” as Azzuri Blue, the World Cup holders, left the stadium and the Italian supporters drifted away from the big screens. Flag and photograph sellers vanished from streets in Italian cities, all due to shame.

One sentiment was dominating headlines on Thursday: La Vergogna, “the shame that followed after being bundled out of the World Cup in one of the easiest groups.”

Azurri suffered a shock 3-2 defeat to Slovakia, leaving them at the bottom of their group after draw with Paraguay and Newzeland.

The Italian national team left in a hest to board the “shame” aircraft which was waiting to fly them home. The Turin daily said ” Italy the world champion leaves South Africa to return home covered in sporting dishonour.”

It is the third time that an always favourable Italian team has exited the competition at the group stage, and the first time it has come to bottom of the group.

The team had no injuries or any other excuse. It is simple, we were champions of the world and now we are the laughing stock of the world.

It is arguably said that Azurri stumbled when they got Lippi back to lead the team. Marcello Lippi, who led the team to the World Cup back in 2006 came out of retirement for the South African tournament.

After a two year spell, doing nothing, obviously Lippi would not have the “vigour and vitality” of building a national side, instead erroneously prefer to preserve and extend the life of the side that lifted the World Cup with him.

Lippi had no room for new hot heads, but it was obvious that the team he fielded against Slovakia showed no sign of team spirit.