Rooster Vs Time Clock

Rooster crowing during daylight hours
Rooster crowing during daylight hours (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rooster the sacred bird

Rooster has plenty of reasons to be cocky! From dream meanings to cultural emblems.

Since antiquity the rooster has been, and still is considered a sacred animal in some cultures. There are religious significance and aspects of the rooster and cock fighting which are exampled by the religious belief.

Rooster is a symbol of importance .  For example the fighting cockerel on a ball is a symbol for TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS football club. The cockerel wear a pair of spurs which is a reference to the clubs nickname.

Additionally, the cockerel is the emblem of a Turkish sports club Denizlispot.

Rooster fight entertainment is a popular sport in many parts of the world.

The ultimate time teller

Above all, for centuries the cocks have been known, and have been branded the village’s unofficial and uncelebrated wake-up masters. They have solely been the only domesticated birds that virtually wake up every other living creatures in the villages – the villagers of course being the most beneficiaries – time to go and till your land or time  to go to work! Thanks to the wake-up masters!

Of course, the only ones who can be excused and allowed to remain curled up in bed would be the most elderly and the sick.

(Cock-a-doodle-doo) – will start crowing at about four months old.

Usually the first rooster will crow at around 3.00 am, and soon after the others around the village take the cue and the crowing reaches crescendo around 5.00 am.

Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks, the invention of man only came in as an alternative means of waking up machine. However, nothing beats  roosters in waking up the village!

The man made alarm clocks are powered by batteries. Most people cannot afford such luxuries – and being man made, they are bound to break down sometimes. Not forgetting that one might forget to set the timer at times.

But the roosters give a guarantee that they will crow at crack of dawn.

That is why no matter what the circumstances are, the villagers will always spare at least one cockerel from sale or knife.


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