The Raw Food Diet

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe
Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit:

What exactly is raw food diet

The fundamental philosophy behind the raw food eating is that plant foods in their natural state – uncooked or unprocessed are the most wholesome for our bodies. Eating raw food is a lifestyle choice rather than anything else. Many people believe that raw food diet is a path to good health.

Cooked food

The tradition of cooking food was started by our ancestors thousands of years ago. A  tradition which is being continued by us today.

Research studies have revealed that food when cooked, loses some of its life saving nutrients and make it less lively. Food without life cannot bestow life- on the contrary it makes the existing living lifeless.

Raw food and nutrients

Raw food diet is rich in nutrients, full of fiber and low in fat and sugar.

Our popular belief that food is required only for providing calories and energy to the body to keep it active is deeply rooted, and yet not very true.

Are you aware of the fact that, our bodies, like machines, continuously suffer wear and tear and would require to undergo maintenance like machines do?

Old tissue cells in your body are being destroyed every moment and to replace them, new tissue-cells are generated. This process of reconstruction is necessary for life and it depends upon the nutritious quality of food we consume.

The food we eat must contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes to keep the reconstruction work going. Moreover, protein, carbohydrates and fats contained in the food require enzymes for their assimilation.

In the process of heating (cooking) food, vitamins and enzymes contained in the food are lost (destroyed) to a great extent.

If we eat our food solely on the basis of taste, we cannot fulfill the requirements of the body. We are then prone to overeat such delicious foods which can cause indigestion followed by other diseases.

One important point to note is that old persons or sick people ought to know that when food is cooked, it may become deficient in nutrients – this kind of food may give some nourishment to healthy persons, but definitely not enough nourishment for the old or sick persons. This may sound controversial, but you now know why the old persons or the sick aere advised by doctors to take more food supplements, multivitamins etc.


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Improper Food and Eating Habits

Improper food and habit are fatal to health

We all desire happiness, peace and prosperity, (all human beings do). The basic condition however for achieving  them is good health,  and good health come from consuming healthy food and following good eating habits.

How many of us observe the basic rules of physical and mental health and take proper food all the time?

If you answer this question honestly, you will find that we are our own enemies. Your will show that a good percentage of people any good eating habits at all. This results to frequent illness.  And to complicate matters, a negligible illness will make us rush to a doctor who will administer poisonous drugs into our body. Mostly these drugs will give immediate relief, which may be short lived.

When the same ailment occurs again, we are compelled to take stronger drugs in large doses probably with the resul that new diseases spring out of one and thus we become entrapped in a vicious circle which is hard to get out of.

But not to worry, you can get rid of that vicious circle by using one simple ans effective way- by clearly understanding the fact that the origin of your major or minor illnesses is mostly due to your improper dietetic and eating habits. We maintain physical and mental fitness through the consumption of proper and wholesome food.

Raw food being the main force of preserving our health. A prominent physician, Dr. Robert Mckarison once said:

” A proper diet is the best of all the medicines produced in the world”

Or we can also say that an improper diet is the cause a disease.

Accept these two facts and your health is in your hands.

You should consider carefully whether a particular diet is proper or improper. For example go for raw food whenever possible than cooked food. Go for unprocessed vegetables and juices which give much more nutrition and vitality.

Naturally sun-ripened fruits and raw food are considered more beneficial to health than canned fruits and juices. Minerals and enzymes which are essential for nourishment and health can be obtained only from fresh vegetables and fruits.

Let us now sum it up all in a short sentence – Among all diets, juice diet is considered best for health and vitality.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life

The hustle and bustle of today’s life has a negative impact on us as human beings. Hurry, hurry has become the order of the day with resultant mental tension. Under this kind of stress we are forced to even change our eating habits. For example we develop a habit of taking refreshments every so often, mostly wrong type of refreshment. (juices full of harmful additives).

This mental tension also make us change out eating habits. We eat plenty of food quickly and consequently the mode of our lives become more irregular and discordant. Biological rhythm of the body is forced to change and further endengered by irregular timing of eating, drinking, sleeping etc.

These irregularities disarrange the whole funtioning of the body resulting to ailments common to man today – constipation , insomnia, headache, body ache etc.

Intoxicating substances

Thrrough our everyday living style, our bodies can accumulate a lot of toxins and other harmful elements. We should be aware and worry of intoxicating  substances found in tea, coffee, tobacco etc.

Adding of color, flavor, taste to food, and various processes through which it goes destroy the life-giving nutrients food.

Are you also aware of the synthetic vitamins which are added to make manufactured food nutritious? These additives are all injurious to your health.

Consider diet of raw or boiled food, raw vegetables, fruits and fresh fruit juices, for proper and desirable health#. And consider juice diet as the best for health and vitality.