Maintenance Engineering

The discipline and profession of applying the concept of engineering to the optimization of plant equipment , procedures, costing of budgets to achieve better online reliability and availability of equipment is known as Maintenance Engineering.

An appreciation of the full implication of maintenance is something that has come to industry in the recent decades. Official recognition of the gravity of the problems of maintenance and its effect on industry’s profitability is now well understood.

Maintenance question has attracted the interest of many both from industry and academic world, and has obviously influenced the attitudes and actions of the industry.

Today, where profitability is lways ‘ marginal ‘, effective maintenance planning and life cycle¬† costs are considered to be very important.

Elements of Maintenance management

The elements of maintenance management are:

  1. Understanding the functions
  2. Decidinhe objectives
  3. Forecasting
  4. Planning
  5. Schduling
  6. Organising

Maintenace and Maintenace Engineering is increasing in importance due to size and complexity of the modern plants, systems, machies and infrastructure, which require a host of personnel and related systems required to maintain them.