10 Commandments For Juice Diet

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Important instructions

Fruit and vegetable juices are the best form of the natural food. This is because they contain a large number of nourishing and disease-fighting nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

This blog throws light on such healing power of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Several hundred years ago, a great Athenian philosopher known as Socrates said:

” Diet is health, diet is medicine .”

If you take to juice diet you should follow the important instructions given below:

  1. You should distinctly determine the purpose of the juice diet, Whether you want to adopt it for the purpose of maintaining health or getting relief from disease. This should be very clear.
  2. The intake of juice-diet  should be regular. If the purpose of taking the juice-diet is to get rid of virulent and chronic diseases, then you should follow the juice diet systematically and with all earnestness.
  3. You should take a fixed quantity of  juice at predetermined fixedhours regularly every day.
  4. A variety in fruits and vegetable is desirable. If you intend to use the diet-juice to get relief from specific diseases, the selection of fruits and vegetables should be strictly under the guidance of an expert dietician.
  5. In order to preserve its useful and live elements, take the juice fresh immediately after it has been extracted. Sip the juice by draughts. A quick swallowing of juice does not give expected results.
  6. If you want to take raw food, salad or nuts with the juice-diet, take the juice some time before taking the other foods so that the enzymes contained in the juice may help digestion.
  7. Always take your juice diet with delightful mind. Juice taken with full faith and hope is more beneficial.
  8. During the period of juice-diet, the toxic elements concealed in the body may try to find their way out through different processes of elimination like vomiting, headache or fever. These symptoms should not be worried about. Just continue the juice-diet without any apprehension, these symptoms are short lived and disappear quickly,
  9. There are several other ways which help the process of elimination of toxic elements from the body. In costive conditions enemas can be taken for eradication of accumulated stools in the intestine. Hot-water bath or vapor-bath will hasten the elimination of toxic elements.
  10. Have a complete rest during the period of juice-diet. Hard work and exercises are not recommended, however light exercise and short walk are permissible.

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How to Obtain All the Nutrients From Juices

English: Euler diagram representing the relati...
English: Euler diagram representing the relationship between (botanical) fruits and vegetables. Botanical fruits that are not vegetables are culinary fruits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nutrients from juices

We all desire to live a long and healthy life. Our efforts are always directed towards that goal. When we get ill, we try to get a speedy recovery from the illness, mostly by using drugs prescribed by our doctors.

However, we can also easily eliminate such illness with success through the use of nutritious vegetable and fruit juices, free from the toxins contained in the drugs.

To benefit from the from the nutrients in the juices, they must always be fresh. Only live juices are effective for cure of disease. For example, carotene , (which is converted in to vitamin ‘A’) is very sensitive to oxygen in the air – if you shred or cut carrots in small pieces and keep it unused for, say 20 minutes, most of the vitamin ‘A’ it contains will be destroyed.

The sane goes for lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits, where most of the vitamin ‘C’ contained will be destroyed when these fruits are preserved for over one month. Even refrigerator cannot prevent this loss.

The most important point here is how to get all the nutrients that are contained in fruit and vegetable juices – because the recovery from the disease depends on the availability of all the nutrients contained in the fruit and vegetable juices.

Choice of the fruits and vegetables

On the first instance, the choice of the fruits and vegetables from which the juice is to be extracted is very important. The fruits and vegetables should be as fresh as possible.

How to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables

How you extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables is very important. Follow the steps below for better results:

.  Obtain fresh fruits or vegetables you want to extract juice from

.  Thoroughly wash the fruits or vegetables

.  Shred or cut them into small pieces

.  Immediately put the shredded fruits or vegetables into the juicer for extraction.

Note: Rinds and fibers of fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins. They should be used together with the fruits or the vegetables but should be properly crushed.

Take care that the juice when ready for drinking does not contain fiber or rind.

To get the maximum benefits from the juices of fruits and vegetables, drink them fresh. Preserved juices lose their precious nutrients. Observe this rule – extract juice when you require to drink.

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Raw Food and Juice-Diet – Introduction

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Every therapy that has no faith in the efficacy of medicine has conceded the importance of food for healthy life.Some of the eminent experts of modern medicine now lay emphasis on food therapy.

Medicine research has invariably established that the use of improper food is perhaps the root cause of many diseases. Therefore resorting to raw food, vegetables and fruits is seen as better way of improving health than cooked foods. Fruit juices are particularly more effective for health and nourishment.

Medical research has also proved that uncooked vegetable and juices of fruits can cure many diseases that cannot be cured by modern medicine.

However, we are also aware of the fact that there are yet many doctors and patients who are reluctant to use this alternative way of healing diseases. Do not be one of them!

If you are a good reader of books and blog articles on diet and health, you must have come across the term nature-cure, and found out that nature-cure has been gaining increasing popularity in the resent decades. Particularly in the area of fruit juice therapy.

You probably have known that juice therapy has no alternative for alleviating common illness like cold as well as some chronic ones.

My smart question to you is why don’t you be among those who are able to enjoy healthy life and also rejuvenate yourself? Be one of those who have recognized the right direction of cultivating the delight of the body and the mind, and of maintaining health by using natural food and juices.

You will most probably find the source of hope and joy in this new trend!