Valentine’s Day – Should we Celebrate or Not

Do away with Valentine’s Day!

My girl friend is a strange sort of person, she is opposed to Valentine’s day – why, she reasons below.

She spent Valentine’s day in bed – which happened to be a Sunday. She said she would have preferred to go out and watch a movie like she frequently does on any given Sunday, instead, a book or fashion magazines offered a safer option.

‘Don’t get me wrong, she quipped, I have no problem being dateless on Valentine day – it casts such a lonely picture, doesn’t it – which is a false picture because I am not lonely’ she insists. ( by the way, during this Valentine day, I happened to be away on a business trip )

Setting a pace for a debate regarding Valentine day, does it put as much pressure on single women as it does on dating men?

Take my girl friend for instance, one of many dateless women ( by design or default ) on that day and who didn’t necessarily feel the pressure to conform their plans, behaviour, or dressing during the Valentine day

Nonetheless, my girl friend adds that she found Valentine day a bothersome intrusion on her otherwise quaint existence which is devoid of social conformity.

Valentine day has become such a farce and I honestly don’t want to be part of that production, she said.

She argues that there are all kinds of romantic gestures, they aren’t always about flowers or poetry or chocolates.

But she adds that although she wasn’t  bothered about spending the day alone, it somehow got her on that day.

She felt it when a few friends called her on that Sunday to ask what she was doing for the day. It felt a bit sad having to say that she was doing nothing a part from lounging around in her house. Even though her friends didn’t say it – she knew they felt sorry for her.

For some, Valentine day stirs a soulful fire of defiance. One of her friends rubbishes the hypothesis that Valentine day is a harsh reminder for single women of their single-hood which may construe to mean loneliness. She said her life continued as usual on that Valentine day Sunday. She feels it is wrong for those in relationship to make those who are single feel out of place if they choose to be alone. Many people seeing  a single woman alone immediately pity her. Seeing two women alone in this era of same-sex liaisons will only have tongues wagging.

I don’t have to live my life for others; I didn’t feel pressured to change my routine just because there are lovers all over the place.

I used to think life revolved around a man, that without a man happiness would be elusive. How naive, because I figure that once you find happiness in yourself first, and are comfortable with who you are, then Valentine’s Day should not be any different from any other day.

But that doesn’t mean that  I am one of those cynics who doesn’t believe in love.

How would you want to react to all these!