Self-fulfilling Prophecies

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Self-fulfilling prophecy example

When you tell yourself that I cannot do this or that, you actually ensure that you can’t do it. How do you change that thinking?
The Nubian community in Kenya, and especially so in Kibra, are divided into groups who have always been at loggerheads and cannot agree with each others ideas. There is a common belief among people in this community that it is dofficult or even impossible to unite because there has always been disagreements among groups since the time of our forefathers. This mythical belief has spread like fire and is really hampering progress.
Who are the Nubians?
Nubian community is a minority tribe in Kenya, originally from Sudan, whose fore fathers were settled in Kenya over one century ago by the then British colonial government, after conscription from the army.
Going back to the mythical belief the community holds, this state of mind has made difficult to change the community in order to forge forward in development.
A great discoverer, Albert Einstain said ‘ You cant solve a problem with the same mind that created it’. In this regard, the community way of thinking make it stuck to where they are, no development. If the community does not change its way of thinking, chances are the community will end up in the exact same situatipn.
Our children grew up believing that Nubians will never unite. This is the repeated message that they get from their parrents.
Change your way of thinking!
Many of the members of the community still relate with the idea that they cannot unite, because it has never been possible in the past. Are we waiting for someone to come and tell us we can do it? The truth of the matter is there aint going to someone to tell us that.
Change your way of thinking, do not limit yourself to this false belief, say ‘Yes we can’, and move forward..

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