Modern day Slavery – Denial of Basic Human Rights

English: Saudi Arabia
English: Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forced labor in the Middle East.
Recent news in one of kenyan daily news paper regarding injustices done to workers from Kenya in Saudi Arabia is shocking and disgusting. The report allege that an international human trafficking ring is collaborating with some employees of some middle east embassies in Kenya to recruit unsuspecting Kenyans for jobs in Saudi Arabia. The criminal network is actually sending these people to forced labor. The cartel lure the victims by placing advertisements of well paying job opportunities in those countries.
In the recent past, scores of Kenyans have fallen prey to these crooks.
The reports about the forced labor came out after several incidents of human right abuse were reported to the Kenya government by the relatoves of the victims. Some deaths of victims were also reported in the last two years. But unfortunately the Kenya government has so far not taken the matters seriously. Who then can shield the Kenyans from this kind of abuse?
Why Kenyan youths take the risk .
Youths are easy prey because of serious unemployment on the country. The number of unemployed youths in Kenya has grown so much. Hence the increasing number of poor and excluded people who are at threatening end of the human right violations.
The policy of exclusion practiced by those in authority is not spoken, but os never the less building with respect to social disparities caused by poverty and unemployment of literate youth, which remain a political time bomb of numbers running into millions.

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