The Bill of Rights and the Marginalised People

The Bill of Rights

The new constitution of Kenya has a comprehensive chapter on the bill of rights in Chapter 4.

The bill of rights plays a central role in Kenyan law and governance and remains a fundamental symbol of the freedoms of culture of the nation.

It is integral part of Kenya democratic state and is the framework for social, economic and cultural policies.

Chapter 4 of the constitution, in part, stipulates that:

. State organs and all public offices have the duty to address the needs of the vulnerable groups within the society including members of the minority or marginalised communities.

. That minority and marginalized groups participate in governance and other spheres of life. – This is what the new constitution of Kenya says.

So as to make matters more easier for the disadvantaged minority groups, the constitution provides for a number of special seats for the marginalized in the county governments. This was to be done through political parties lists of nominees for the county assemblies.

But contrary to that, what happened during the process was that the political parties disregarded the constitution and and the fundamental rights of the diwsadvantaged, thus many such communities did not find their way in the parties lists published by the Indipendent Electoral and Boundaries Commission ( IEBC ), and completely missed out on these opportunities. The political parties completely ndisregarded them in the nomination process.

This is unfair to the marginalized groups and is a major blow to the principles of equality. It infringes the constitution and the fundamental rights.

One such community, whose hopes has been dashed is the marginalized Nubian community scattered in several parts of Kenya, and whose ancestral home is Kibra, in the neighborhood of the city of Nairobi.

( see more on the history of Nubians by visiting my website ).

The community has petitioned Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) expressing the community’s concern over this matter, and is awaiting response.

The problems the community is going through need representation.

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