How To Build A Powerful And Positive Self-Esteem For Life

Demystifying  Self Esteem

The core beliefs that formed your sense of self-worth as a child are just that — beliefs. They’re not necessarily true or accurate. They’re only your opinions. As opinions, they can be changed. Healthy self-esteem and low self-esteem are two sides of the same coin. They both activate certain […]

Psychologists  define self esteem as the overall perspective of a person on his or her value. It is one’s view of the self and one’s attitude towards it.Do you feel worthy? Do you feel able? Are you proud of yourself? Are you encouraged? Do you know yourself, and are you proud of that? Only you can decide.

If you constantly doubt your self-worth and abilities, if you have no trust in your capabilities, qualifications and potentials and ultimately no pride in yourself, and if  you find yourself feeling worthless, then you have issues with your self esteem, and you need to address that before it goes out of hand.

What low esteem does.

Saying negative things as listed below may seem harmless, but what you are doing is creating something in you that later becomes permanent.It soon becomes the cause of conditions such as  social phobia, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Poor self esteem is not only detrimental to you, but also to the ones around you. You will be surprised that lack of it hinders you from a lot of things.

1.  Poor health as a result of  eating disorders, and low energy levels because you are very busy pleasing everyone but yourself.

2.  Missed career opportunities  as a result of the echo in your mind that says you cannot do it. Low self esteem makes you feel inappropriate and unworthy hence hinders  you from taking risks and grabbing chances, or creating something.

3.  Even sexual problems are closely related to self esteem issues, because it is all about the individual’s problem with his or her image. Low self esteem leads to low sex drive and addictions. Individuals seek help for this only to find that there existed deeper rooted issues that manifested themselves as sexual addiction or sexual problems.

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