Employing fresh graduates

Where do fresh graduates get the experience that most employers want?

A young lad completed his university education recently and was eager to get a job and start a new independent life. But alas!, every application he puts up for a job require him to have at least 5 years experience in the type of job he applied for.

It is clear that the business environment has become very competitive and many companies are probably losing the focus on employee training – especially for new graduates. You will notice that even chances for internship are very rare. For those who get the chance for internship, the attention given to the objective for their internship by their supervisors is relatively insufficient to have someone learn much. This is why companies are resorting to those employees that can hit the ground running.

However the above said is not a blanket situation, it does not mean that all hope is lost for the fresh graduates as there are companies that are not high profiled as those that many fresh graduates dream about, but that may be willing to provide temporary opportunities and at times at lower levels for the graduates. If yours is this kind of situation, the reward may not be commensurate with your expectation, and the temporary nature of the job may not provide you with the sense of security you envisage.

You are lucky that you have a temporary opportunity; this could be what is easily available for some fresh graduates. Like yourself, they are likely to emphasize on the temporary nature and the nominal reward level and fail to capitalize on the content of the responsibilities.

I am sure that what you do in your current position is what some permanent and pensionable person is doing in a blue chip multinational company. I imagine that with this mindset, you are likely to be declaring yourself as jobless to the society around you and applying for positions with the overtone of temporary employment. Perhaps in your CV, the responsibilities are barely more than three bullets of tasks described loosely in a layman language. Your attitude to this position may influence the extent to which you undersell yourself. A few years down the line, as few as three years, this if well articulated, may constitute very marketable profile.

Career / Education advice

I personally think that it is unfair that employers are asking for a number of years of experience which fresh graduates don’t have. This is associated with the realities of business environment. Fresh graduates need to adapt to this reality, and adopt means of overcoming the challenge. They could search for temporary employment opportunities that may be lower compared to target employment levels.

Where necessary, seek hands on opportunities that may require that you roll up your sleeves. Remember, the connotation of temporary refers to the type of contract and may not undermine the scope of your duties. The alternative means is to adopt the post training internship opportunities in which you identify milestones that you can achieve and execute them as required.

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