Are You Perfectly Dressed For That Job Interview?

Dress Code, Culture and the Interview
Single- and double-breasted suit comparison
Single- and double-breasted suit comparison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s get one thing straight, clothes do not make the man…but they do make a difference. And regardless of whether we like the idea of appearances driving impressions, a man exterior often is perceived as an indicator of what is happening on the interior.

Brown or black shoes? Single or double breasted jacket? Tie or no tie? In our increasingly informal world, knowing how a man should dress for each occasion has become ever more challenging. From work place to wedding to job interviews. You must discover what to look for in a suit, in terms of color, fabric and fit. Learn how to tie bow ties and different knots for ordinary ties.

Fortunately, tasteful and appropriate dressing does not require inordinate amount of time or money. Any man can hit the door in fine shape with only a little forethought and a bit of attention to a few guidelines.

Sales and Business Development, There have been dozens of posts on preparing for an interview and indeed all the things one needs to do to make that job winning impression on the day. And what one wears to an interview has been pretty much covered too. Or has […]

According to the original writer, the advice to all job seekers is to dress up, look sharp to make a good first impression.

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