Controlling Our Emotions Can Help Change Others

Mother and Child watching each other
Mother and Child watching each other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a couple of years I observed some negative changes to my son’s behaviour. The first thing I noticed is that the good relationship a parent enjoys with his son was not there any more. After I noticed this, and of course some other negative behavioral changes, I decided to act as quickly as possible save the situation.

For a couple of years l started to act believing that I could transform my 20 year son into someone else he was before. I encouraged him, cheered him and did everything in my power to change him into what I viewed as his full potential. He then slowly and constantly started asking for my help. But even though, the truth was he never put his full heart into it.

I wanted him to change much more than he did, and I was so blind to my mission that I never accepted him for who he was. This nearly made me part with my only son. But luckily, I was able to control my emotions and never gave up my couching. I avoided using any kind of force when dealing with him. This appeared to have succeeded and my advice is that, being patient is the key word to success in this kind of situation.

We want to believe that we are a positive force for change, both in our lives and in those around us. We see role models accomplishing this all the time. Great teachers can mold young minds. Philanthropists can provide opportunities to those who don’t have. But just because you want others to change, it doesn’t mean you control them. In the end, it is upon each individual to live his own life.

The whole point here is to correct wrong doing. While we cannot control others, there are things within our control that we may apply that may influence others to change for the better.

Controlling our emotions.

You are always in control of how to react in a given situation. Thìs in turn gives the other person a chance to react to your reaction. How you react helps define your relationship. If the relationship is strong, can help model behaviour. And this is how parenting works. Every body, even young children have a will of their own and cannot be forced to do anything, but how you treat them can change them. If you remain calm in the midst of temper tantrum, you have better odds of passing that ability to control emotions onto your offspring.

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