Safaricom Excels – Will the Company Go the Google way?

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Safaricom excellence, what next?

Safaricom is a leading company in this region in the business of mobile operating system –  internet on mobile and affordable broadband internet – has the widest 3G network in Kenya.

Being the most innovative company in this region, it is best known for pioneering the largest mobile money transfer in the world.

Another first for the company is the Mshwari innovation – the revolutionary banking product for Mpesa customers.

Safaricom executives understand the change brought to us by internet. That is why they are successful and powerful – running this company, which many will agree as being the finest in the region.

That is why in my opinion, a smart response to all this change is to ask – what will Safaricom do next? Will it move the Google way?

I am of the opinion that Safaricom have overshot the decrees ” it is best to do one thing really well before moving to another – this is typically mimicking what Google does.

Finally I believe that Safaricom should be our model for thinking in new ways because it is so singularly successful. Examine how Safaricom think is affecting our lives and the future generation – how the lives of the rural population have been transformed – those who could not access banking service can, now.

Examine the new power structure to our economy and society that Safaricom has caused.

Few words on Google

Google has been dubbed the fastest growing company in the world, (Times of London. One of the most successful ubiquitous and increasingly strange company on the planet.

Google is in the search business (being the leading search engine in the world) – in the online advertising business. But it is also in the mobile operating system business, the web browser business, the free email business, the online map business and many more.

Will Safaricom go the Google way in the future?

What do you think?


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