Healthy Self-esteem and Low self-esteem

Perhaps no other self-help topic has spawned so much advice and so many conflicting stories as self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem gives us the ability to make positive choices regarding our career and our relationships, and gives us the assertiveness and confidence to work towards our goals. Overly  healthy self-esteem is not healthy, however, as it can lead to a sense of entitlement, as well as bullying and narcissistic behaviour. A lack of self-esteem can lead to a life of putting up with abusive situations or relationships, depression and lack of fulfilment. Our personalities, according to Sigmund Freud,  emerge out of our struggles to meet our needs in a world that often frustrates these efforts. Our self-esteem develops, grows and changes according to our success, or failure in that struggle and often self-defeating ways we attempt to cope. With the tools of mindfulness, however, we can improve our self-esteem while finding new and healthier ways to get our needs met.

What is low self-esteem? 

The core beliefs that formed your sense of sself-worth as a child are just that – beliefs. They’re  not necessarily true or accurate. They are only your opinions, and as opinions, they can be changed.

Healthy self-esteem and low self-esteem are two sides of the same coin. They both activate certain rules for living that either help you or hurt you.

According to Marilyn Sorensen, the director of the Self-esteem Institute in Portland, Oregon,  low self-esteem is a thinking disorder in which individuals see themselves as inadequate, unacceptable, unworthy, unloveable and just incompetent. These beliefs create thoughts that tend to be negative, self-critical, self-blaming and full of self-doubt. And these thoughts consequently affect our behaviour, leading to destructive patterns of avoidance, denial criticism and defensiveness that lower our self-esteem even further.

Low self-esteem is a basic tendency to place one’s value in the hands of others, rather than trusting and believing in our own evaluation of ourselves. When your self-esteem depend on other people’s views of you, it only makes it more fragile. Thoughts follow that are also irrational and distorted, causing you to have difficulty knowing who to trust, inciting fears and anxiety in new situations or assuming other people think negatively of you as you do.

Low self-esteem affect every aspect of our lives, from our career choices to friendships with friends, family and loved ones. All too often we don’t even realise that our low feelings of low self-worth are affecting us because they are largely subconscious, quietly influencing the choices we make and creating a life that leaves us feeling unaccepted, unworthy and unloved.

Learning to recognise and identify the symptoms of low self-esteem in yourself is the first step, some of these symptoms can include:

  • depression
  • disencouragement
  • fear and anxiety
  • emotional shutdown
  • panic attacks
  • social anxiety
  • eating disorders
  • lack of effectiveness
  • passive aggression
  • people-pleasing
  • controlling behaviour

If you have a low self-esteem you:

  • compare yourself negatively with others
  • Are anxious, stressed, and worry a lot
  • Need others approval
  • Fear speaking up at meetings
  • Fear confrontation with others
  • Are shy to talk with others you don’t know  Focus on your shortcomings in the past
  •  Have doubt about your worth

What is healthy self-esteem? 

Building healthy self-esteem comes from learning to value ourselves and not depending on other people’s opinions of us. This dependence on approval causes us to keep trying to get love and acceptance from people who are unlikely to give it, thus perpetuating our negative beliefs about ourselves.

People with healthy self-esteem don’t worry about what others may be thinking of them- they assume others think as well of them as they think of themselves. They speak their minds and express themselves openly without fear or judgement, rejection or ridicule.

If you have healthy self-esteem you:

  • Learn from past successes and look forward to future successes
  • Care for yourself physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Create goals in your life and work towards them
  • Appreciate your positive qualities
  • Accept responsibility for your actions
  • Have confidence that you can accomplish things, even if it takes more than one try.
  • Feel capable of meeting life’s everyday challenges
  • Are happy and sure of yourself

Caring for you is one of the characteristics of having a healthy level of self-esteem. You can nurture yourself to create more happiness in your life and raise your self-esteem. Take care of your body, be eating healthy foods, doing enough exercise and getting regular deep sleep.

Focus on positive emotions by shifting negative feelings that uplift and encourage you. Change your thoughts by talking to youself in a loving manner.

One of the most common ways people experience low self-esteem is in the way they consider their body image. You must reconnect with the positive aspects of your body while appreciating real beauty that is on the inside.


How To Build A Powerful And Positive Self-Esteem For Life

Demystifying  Self Esteem

The core beliefs that formed your sense of self-worth as a child are just that — beliefs. They’re not necessarily true or accurate. They’re only your opinions. As opinions, they can be changed. Healthy self-esteem and low self-esteem are two sides of the same coin. They both activate certain […]

Psychologists  define self esteem as the overall perspective of a person on his or her value. It is one’s view of the self and one’s attitude towards it.Do you feel worthy? Do you feel able? Are you proud of yourself? Are you encouraged? Do you know yourself, and are you proud of that? Only you can decide.

If you constantly doubt your self-worth and abilities, if you have no trust in your capabilities, qualifications and potentials and ultimately no pride in yourself, and if  you find yourself feeling worthless, then you have issues with your self esteem, and you need to address that before it goes out of hand.

What low esteem does.

Saying negative things as listed below may seem harmless, but what you are doing is creating something in you that later becomes permanent.It soon becomes the cause of conditions such as  social phobia, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Poor self esteem is not only detrimental to you, but also to the ones around you. You will be surprised that lack of it hinders you from a lot of things.

1.  Poor health as a result of  eating disorders, and low energy levels because you are very busy pleasing everyone but yourself.

2.  Missed career opportunities  as a result of the echo in your mind that says you cannot do it. Low self esteem makes you feel inappropriate and unworthy hence hinders  you from taking risks and grabbing chances, or creating something.

3.  Even sexual problems are closely related to self esteem issues, because it is all about the individual’s problem with his or her image. Low self esteem leads to low sex drive and addictions. Individuals seek help for this only to find that there existed deeper rooted issues that manifested themselves as sexual addiction or sexual problems.

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Procrastination – Is it a Disease or Just Bad Habit?

What is procrastination?

Procrastination, or habitual hesitation is known to people from the ancient times. Most people procrastinate from time to time, and most of the time it’s not harmful. Putting off doing this or that for a few minutes or a couple of days is not generally harmful.

However, procrastination can also create a huge problems for many people who keep meaning to start something and never do it. A considerable number of people have this ” I will start doing this tomorrow” problem, they have chronic procrastination that seriously affect their lives.

I, the writer have been a victim of procrastination several times. But the one time I will remember for ever was when I missed sitting for a very important examination. I was on working assignment in Australia with Shell Australia, at Clyde Refinery.
I applied to the Australian Welding Institute (AWI), to sit for the AWI Welding Inspector Examination, my request was approved and I was to undertake the examination after a few days.
But unfortunately procrastination robbed me of this big chance in my career. Just by putting off opening the letter box made me to miss the date of the examination.

It is therefore obvious that procrastination is not just hateful, it is downright harmful.

According to the research carried out by the experts, people who procrastinate have higher levels of stress and lower well being.
In the real world delay is associated with missed opportunities and, for example missed medical visits. Also think of people who cost themselves hundreds of dollars by rushing to prepare income taxes documents when the deadline given is just expiring.

Experts say that there is far more to procrastination than simply putting something off until tomorrow. True procrastination is a complicated failure of self regulation, defined as the voluntary delay of some important task that we intend to despite knowing that we shall suffer as a result.

Has it anything to do with time management. Having mentioned the bad side of procrastination, can it also be a helpful habit? Procrastinators often say it doesn’t matter when a task gets done, so long as it is eventually finished.

If progress on a task can take many forms, procrastination is the absence of progress – it conflates proactive behavior like pondering, prioritizing, with the detrimental self defeating habit of genuine procrastination.

How can we overcome this habit

Because it is all about self deception, your motto should be “I will do it” , avoid “I will do it later”. Use your implementation intention take the form  “if, then” – if the phone rings, I will answer it. Use your implementation intention to keep yourself focused. If I have finished this part of the article, then I am going to immediately turn my attention to reading the next part.

Essential Elements for Health

English: Healthy nutrition pyramid with 7 to 9...
English: Healthy nutrition pyramid with 7 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables to get precious phytonutrients to feed your body at the cellular level. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Essential elements for healthy body

Even though the subject matter of this series  is juice diet, it is essential to discuss certain essential elements which are themselves the main body building blocks necessary for good health.

We consume food to keep our body active and healthy. One thing we ought to realize is that man can select proper diet only when he knows what constituents of food are necessary for healthy body. Then one should eat only that food, the constituents of which are congenial to one.

These constituents should rejuvenate the body besides maintaining health. Diseases are caused because of deficiencies of some of these essential constituents. If we know this, we shall never eat dispensable food.

We need to cultivate this kind of understanding of and view-point on the system and substance of diet.

With a view to making our lives happy, with healthy and active body, our daily diet should normally consist of the following constituents:

  1. Carbohydrates :  The most important function of the carbohydrates is to provide fuel and energy to the body. The carbohydrates include sugar and starch. This constituent of food is available from all kinds of food grains (cereals). Flour devoid of husk, polished rice, white sugar etc., retain their carbohydrates but loose most of the vitamins and minerals. Processed carbohydrates (if taken in excess) reduce the power of digestion and place unnecessary pressure on other organs of the body. Therefore we should try to reduce from our diet the quantum of processed food except few substances  containing natural carbohydrates.
  2. Fat :  Fat provides heat to the body. Vegetable fats (oil seeds, edible oil) are preferable, because they are better digested and comparatively harmless, in comparison to animal fats (milk, meat, etc). Animal fats have saturated fatty acids cause accumulation of bad cholesterol in the arteries, narrowing the path of blood. In such situation diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease can occur. You are therefore advised to take food with less fats or food prepared with vegetable oils containing unsaturated fats.
  3. Protein : Proteins are necessary for the growth, development and reconstruction of the body. It is therefore of great importance in our diet. Several types of amino acids constitute proteins. It is worth noting that our bodies produce some amino acids, while the rest are obtained from food.
  4. Vitamins : Vitamins are organic chemical substances required in the body for the process of metabolism. Our bodies are not capable of producing these substances. Vitamins are named by coded letters like Vitamin ‘A’, Vitamin ‘B’, and so on. Description and use is better obtained from your physician.
  5. Minerals : A mineral, according to Cyclopaedia Medical dictionary, is a solid inorganic element or compound occurring in nature. Minerals are essential for the formation of cells of the body. They are essential for maintaining optimal health. They play a very important role in the complex processes going on in the body. Again the use of minerals should be advised by your physician. It is especially important ll  for the old people (over 50 years) to be particularly careful about minerals.
  6. Enzymes :  An enzyme is a catalyst produced in the live cells. Enzyme aids chemical changes in the body. In dictionaries, catalyst is described as a substance which causes or assists a chemical change in another substance without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. Enzymes help in the digestion of foods. Please seek more explanations and advise from your physician.

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10 Commandments For Juice Diet

Juice (Photo credit: hepp)

Important instructions

Fruit and vegetable juices are the best form of the natural food. This is because they contain a large number of nourishing and disease-fighting nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

This blog throws light on such healing power of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Several hundred years ago, a great Athenian philosopher known as Socrates said:

” Diet is health, diet is medicine .”

If you take to juice diet you should follow the important instructions given below:

  1. You should distinctly determine the purpose of the juice diet, Whether you want to adopt it for the purpose of maintaining health or getting relief from disease. This should be very clear.
  2. The intake of juice-diet  should be regular. If the purpose of taking the juice-diet is to get rid of virulent and chronic diseases, then you should follow the juice diet systematically and with all earnestness.
  3. You should take a fixed quantity of  juice at predetermined fixedhours regularly every day.
  4. A variety in fruits and vegetable is desirable. If you intend to use the diet-juice to get relief from specific diseases, the selection of fruits and vegetables should be strictly under the guidance of an expert dietician.
  5. In order to preserve its useful and live elements, take the juice fresh immediately after it has been extracted. Sip the juice by draughts. A quick swallowing of juice does not give expected results.
  6. If you want to take raw food, salad or nuts with the juice-diet, take the juice some time before taking the other foods so that the enzymes contained in the juice may help digestion.
  7. Always take your juice diet with delightful mind. Juice taken with full faith and hope is more beneficial.
  8. During the period of juice-diet, the toxic elements concealed in the body may try to find their way out through different processes of elimination like vomiting, headache or fever. These symptoms should not be worried about. Just continue the juice-diet without any apprehension, these symptoms are short lived and disappear quickly,
  9. There are several other ways which help the process of elimination of toxic elements from the body. In costive conditions enemas can be taken for eradication of accumulated stools in the intestine. Hot-water bath or vapor-bath will hasten the elimination of toxic elements.
  10. Have a complete rest during the period of juice-diet. Hard work and exercises are not recommended, however light exercise and short walk are permissible.

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How to Obtain All the Nutrients From Juices

English: Euler diagram representing the relati...
English: Euler diagram representing the relationship between (botanical) fruits and vegetables. Botanical fruits that are not vegetables are culinary fruits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nutrients from juices

We all desire to live a long and healthy life. Our efforts are always directed towards that goal. When we get ill, we try to get a speedy recovery from the illness, mostly by using drugs prescribed by our doctors.

However, we can also easily eliminate such illness with success through the use of nutritious vegetable and fruit juices, free from the toxins contained in the drugs.

To benefit from the from the nutrients in the juices, they must always be fresh. Only live juices are effective for cure of disease. For example, carotene , (which is converted in to vitamin ‘A’) is very sensitive to oxygen in the air – if you shred or cut carrots in small pieces and keep it unused for, say 20 minutes, most of the vitamin ‘A’ it contains will be destroyed.

The sane goes for lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits, where most of the vitamin ‘C’ contained will be destroyed when these fruits are preserved for over one month. Even refrigerator cannot prevent this loss.

The most important point here is how to get all the nutrients that are contained in fruit and vegetable juices – because the recovery from the disease depends on the availability of all the nutrients contained in the fruit and vegetable juices.

Choice of the fruits and vegetables

On the first instance, the choice of the fruits and vegetables from which the juice is to be extracted is very important. The fruits and vegetables should be as fresh as possible.

How to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables

How you extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables is very important. Follow the steps below for better results:

.  Obtain fresh fruits or vegetables you want to extract juice from

.  Thoroughly wash the fruits or vegetables

.  Shred or cut them into small pieces

.  Immediately put the shredded fruits or vegetables into the juicer for extraction.

Note: Rinds and fibers of fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins. They should be used together with the fruits or the vegetables but should be properly crushed.

Take care that the juice when ready for drinking does not contain fiber or rind.

To get the maximum benefits from the juices of fruits and vegetables, drink them fresh. Preserved juices lose their precious nutrients. Observe this rule – extract juice when you require to drink.

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The Raw Food Diet

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe
Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit:

What exactly is raw food diet

The fundamental philosophy behind the raw food eating is that plant foods in their natural state – uncooked or unprocessed are the most wholesome for our bodies. Eating raw food is a lifestyle choice rather than anything else. Many people believe that raw food diet is a path to good health.

Cooked food

The tradition of cooking food was started by our ancestors thousands of years ago. A  tradition which is being continued by us today.

Research studies have revealed that food when cooked, loses some of its life saving nutrients and make it less lively. Food without life cannot bestow life- on the contrary it makes the existing living lifeless.

Raw food and nutrients

Raw food diet is rich in nutrients, full of fiber and low in fat and sugar.

Our popular belief that food is required only for providing calories and energy to the body to keep it active is deeply rooted, and yet not very true.

Are you aware of the fact that, our bodies, like machines, continuously suffer wear and tear and would require to undergo maintenance like machines do?

Old tissue cells in your body are being destroyed every moment and to replace them, new tissue-cells are generated. This process of reconstruction is necessary for life and it depends upon the nutritious quality of food we consume.

The food we eat must contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes to keep the reconstruction work going. Moreover, protein, carbohydrates and fats contained in the food require enzymes for their assimilation.

In the process of heating (cooking) food, vitamins and enzymes contained in the food are lost (destroyed) to a great extent.

If we eat our food solely on the basis of taste, we cannot fulfill the requirements of the body. We are then prone to overeat such delicious foods which can cause indigestion followed by other diseases.

One important point to note is that old persons or sick people ought to know that when food is cooked, it may become deficient in nutrients – this kind of food may give some nourishment to healthy persons, but definitely not enough nourishment for the old or sick persons. This may sound controversial, but you now know why the old persons or the sick aere advised by doctors to take more food supplements, multivitamins etc.


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Improper Food and Eating Habits

Improper food and habit are fatal to health

We all desire happiness, peace and prosperity, (all human beings do). The basic condition however for achieving  them is good health,  and good health come from consuming healthy food and following good eating habits.

How many of us observe the basic rules of physical and mental health and take proper food all the time?

If you answer this question honestly, you will find that we are our own enemies. Your will show that a good percentage of people any good eating habits at all. This results to frequent illness.  And to complicate matters, a negligible illness will make us rush to a doctor who will administer poisonous drugs into our body. Mostly these drugs will give immediate relief, which may be short lived.

When the same ailment occurs again, we are compelled to take stronger drugs in large doses probably with the resul that new diseases spring out of one and thus we become entrapped in a vicious circle which is hard to get out of.

But not to worry, you can get rid of that vicious circle by using one simple ans effective way- by clearly understanding the fact that the origin of your major or minor illnesses is mostly due to your improper dietetic and eating habits. We maintain physical and mental fitness through the consumption of proper and wholesome food.

Raw food being the main force of preserving our health. A prominent physician, Dr. Robert Mckarison once said:

” A proper diet is the best of all the medicines produced in the world”

Or we can also say that an improper diet is the cause a disease.

Accept these two facts and your health is in your hands.

You should consider carefully whether a particular diet is proper or improper. For example go for raw food whenever possible than cooked food. Go for unprocessed vegetables and juices which give much more nutrition and vitality.

Naturally sun-ripened fruits and raw food are considered more beneficial to health than canned fruits and juices. Minerals and enzymes which are essential for nourishment and health can be obtained only from fresh vegetables and fruits.

Let us now sum it up all in a short sentence – Among all diets, juice diet is considered best for health and vitality.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life

The hustle and bustle of today’s life has a negative impact on us as human beings. Hurry, hurry has become the order of the day with resultant mental tension. Under this kind of stress we are forced to even change our eating habits. For example we develop a habit of taking refreshments every so often, mostly wrong type of refreshment. (juices full of harmful additives).

This mental tension also make us change out eating habits. We eat plenty of food quickly and consequently the mode of our lives become more irregular and discordant. Biological rhythm of the body is forced to change and further endengered by irregular timing of eating, drinking, sleeping etc.

These irregularities disarrange the whole funtioning of the body resulting to ailments common to man today – constipation , insomnia, headache, body ache etc.

Intoxicating substances

Thrrough our everyday living style, our bodies can accumulate a lot of toxins and other harmful elements. We should be aware and worry of intoxicating  substances found in tea, coffee, tobacco etc.

Adding of color, flavor, taste to food, and various processes through which it goes destroy the life-giving nutrients food.

Are you also aware of the synthetic vitamins which are added to make manufactured food nutritious? These additives are all injurious to your health.

Consider diet of raw or boiled food, raw vegetables, fruits and fresh fruit juices, for proper and desirable health#. And consider juice diet as the best for health and vitality.




Raw Food and Juice-Diet – Introduction

Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)


Every therapy that has no faith in the efficacy of medicine has conceded the importance of food for healthy life.Some of the eminent experts of modern medicine now lay emphasis on food therapy.

Medicine research has invariably established that the use of improper food is perhaps the root cause of many diseases. Therefore resorting to raw food, vegetables and fruits is seen as better way of improving health than cooked foods. Fruit juices are particularly more effective for health and nourishment.

Medical research has also proved that uncooked vegetable and juices of fruits can cure many diseases that cannot be cured by modern medicine.

However, we are also aware of the fact that there are yet many doctors and patients who are reluctant to use this alternative way of healing diseases. Do not be one of them!

If you are a good reader of books and blog articles on diet and health, you must have come across the term nature-cure, and found out that nature-cure has been gaining increasing popularity in the resent decades. Particularly in the area of fruit juice therapy.

You probably have known that juice therapy has no alternative for alleviating common illness like cold as well as some chronic ones.

My smart question to you is why don’t you be among those who are able to enjoy healthy life and also rejuvenate yourself? Be one of those who have recognized the right direction of cultivating the delight of the body and the mind, and of maintaining health by using natural food and juices.

You will most probably find the source of hope and joy in this new trend!