Live to Your Dreams

No one is better equipped to talk about succeeding against odds than your own self. This article is meant to reveal your personal psychic nurturing system, the supernatural influences or forces that act on the mind and senses, by following the eight golden keys of affirmation and insight to help you develop the capacities needed to nourish confidence, free your spirit and send it soaring in the direction of triumph.

Help me. I am stuck. I am not happy with my life, I don’t seem to find the motivation to make me change or make something happen.

You probably have heard these words from many people before, asking for help to make them move on to a better life – this kind of cry involve everything from getting in shape or finding the right relationship to building self esteem and finding peace of mind and a worthy goal.

How can you get unstuck and begin to move on to the life you really want, the life if your dreams?

The first thing is to be passionate, see inside you and learn to develop the first seven of the eight golden keys below, that will give you the power to take action and enable you to achieve your goals and dreams. You will find out how to listen and trust your inner voice, build your self esteem and find out how to let go the past and begin to take responsibility for your actions, past, present and future. You will discover how to use your will to overcome virtually any obstacle you meet. You will learn how to do things alone without the help of others. You will discover how to motivate yourself  by developing your own “personal reserve of tricks”.

Then most importantly, you will be able to learn and use the eighth key, the most important of the eight keys, the key that ask you to be confident, tap into your spirituality and by a simple prayer of your faith, take advantage of the most powerful force in the whole universe.

By reading this article and following the eight golden keys, you will soon have the power, whatever the odds, to change or advance careers, let go of negative friendship to healthy relationship, face life with renewed vigor and make those dreams come true.

Here are the eight  golden keys:

1. The power of your inner voice – the sensation that speak to us from deep within. Tap          to your inner voice, know and trust yourself. Your inner voice is about trusting yourself.          Listen to it.

2. Self esteem – respect and value yourself, take responsibility for your actions, past,                  present and future.

3. Let go the past and move on – learn how to do things independently and enjoy them,          liberate yourself.

4. Admitting – take responsibility and acquire maturity for yourself. Confess, own up,                  admit it. Because until you acknowledge your wrong doing, you wont get past your                sticking point and grow, thrive and mature.

5. Your will-power – strengthen yourself, develop a stronger sense of your being. Make a          reasoned choice or decision.

6. Be independent – learn to be alone with yourself, be focused and stay motivated. Be              autonomous, function independently without the help or control of others. That does            not mean you become hermit, There will always be a time and place for others in your          life, but your center of power will come from you.

7. Get yourself to do what you want – motivate yourself

8. Spirituality and prayer – inspire yourself, discover genuine power of prayer.

There is plenty to achieve by following the eight golden rules of living. You will be able to accomplish what is important for you – power to advance in your career or change career if in wrong path – drop friends or acquaintances who are bad for you and meet people who are in tune with your true self. You will be able to let go a negative romantic relationship and move on.

You will discover how to use your time alone to reach inward and renew and energize yourself. Above all, you will be able to find more fulfilling meaningful life.

Leadership Behaviors Drive Diversity Dividends




Adapting leadership styles to team members, based on key goals and tasks is so important  and knowing when to delegate, support or direct is critical. By consistently using this powerful techniques, leaders can develop and retain competent, motivated and confident employees. This can be a priceless guide to personalized leadership that elicits the best performance from your team, and best bottom line for any business.

In his article, the author stressed the importance of  having and leveraging diversity on his team.

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Diverse Communication Styles

No matter where we live or what we do, we deal with people using a wide variety of communication styles every day. At work, in the market place and at home, diverse communication styles present opportunities for growth on the one hand and misunderstanding on the other.

[Tweet””The man who has learnt the art of seeing things looks with his brain”]

A breakthrough in communication styles is necessary for managers, team leaders, community leaders, educators and even individuals as they work with others to overcome frustrations, prevent mistakes and save time and money.

According to the author of this article, one has to be clear, simple and focused when communicating with others.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This article present innovation and entrepreneurship as a purposeful and systematic discipline that explains and present the challenges and opportunities of new entrepreneur, and what he needs to know and do to succeed.

According to the author, Stephen Lahey, cultivating a strong culture of entrepreneurial thinking is the primary goal.

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Be Yourself and Be Passionate

We all do have that feeling of not being good enough. The only difference is that it affects different people in different ways.

It depends on how much power you give to the thought of “not good enough”. Do you let that thought blackmail you or do you remain as the stillness behind it. Mark you that even good authors and entrepreneurs don’t feel good enough all the time.

The mind will always be afraid, but that is no reason to stop you.

Do not let expectations hinder you. If I was writing this article without expectations I could not start wondering if you were going to like it or not, because that would be expectation.

You expect something to happen and it isn’t happening, then you immediately go into not-good-enough mood.

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